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“Our philosophy… is that we can’t wait…Nobody’s coming to save us, right? We need to be able to save ourselves.” The Root recently ran a two part series centered on a conversation with Alicia Garza, founder and principal of the Black to the Future Action Fund, about the rise of white supremacist violence in the United States, and how we can take it down. Black to the Future Action Fund’s bi-monthly “temperature check” polls of Black adults in the United States have revealed many practical solutions to dismantling state-sanctioned white supremacy, including asking the Biden Harris administration to declare white supremacy a national security threat and white supremacist acts as domestic terrorism. Follow the links for part I and part II.

Proposed California legislation aims to earmark $30 million to support the work of community ambassador programs on public transit to increase safety across the 10 highest ridership agencies. For the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system, that means the Transit Ambassadors program, which uses uniformed but unarmed personnel that are members of the community to respond to riders facing homelessness, mental health emergencies, drug overdoses and other crises. While there is evidence that the program is working, it’s about to run out of funding. The CA bill is supported by the Stop AAPI Hate Coalition, which documented a case of racially motivated harassment on BART that inspired the ambassador program. Next City.


We are honored to work with Stop AAPI Hate, which works to raise awareness of the hateful discrimination faced by Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, and whose proposed community-based solutions have paved a path towards dismantling systemic racism and building a multiracial movement to end AAPI hate. Congratulations to the coalition for being nominated for the Clarence B. Jones Impact Award by the Communications Network. Vote for Stop AAPI Hate here.

What We’re Learning 

Language matters; the words that we use help shape ideas, memories and actions. We believe in the power of storytelling done right, and that means using terminology and best practices informed by the experiences of the communities we work with. To that end, the Change Consulting team is digging into Language Please, a new tool that provides resources on how to thoughtfully cover and describe the most pressing social, cultural and identity-related issues of our time.

Solutions to homelessness are often less visible than homelessness itself. The All Home Solutions Library is a new tool that showcases what is happening around the region to address homelessness and poverty head-on. The library features solutions from across the Bay Area housing and economic insecurity from a variety of angles — housing and stabilizing those experiencing homelessness, preventing homelessness by helping people stay in their homes, or enabling those who are struggling financially to thrive. Check out the library today:

Client Shout Out

This year, Change Consulting had the honor of partnering with the wonderful team at MISSSEY on their rebranding journey. We are grateful for the work they do to co-create a world where girls and gender expansive youth are free from exploitation and know their power. Learn more about MISSSEY, and check out their re-brand, at their website: