Building communications capacity for racial and social justice.

At Change, we believe communications and storytelling are the key ingredients that racial and social justice leaders need to win racial and social justice. Organizers and advocates not only hold the solutions, they also hold the stories, the vision and the ideas that will shape a better future for us all. Movement building organizations need to build their capacity and resources in order to effectively communicate that vision and win hearts and minds.

Through trainings, 1-on-1 and group coaching, and sharing our learning and resources, we help racial and social justice organizations and leaders build communications skills and equip them to tell their own stories and in doing so, write a new story for a more equitable future.

Below, we are sharing the following tools and worksheets to help grow your own strategic communications toolbox. We give gratitude and big props to our esteemed colleagues in the field who have generously contributed their smarts and experience to our learning. Many of the tools we share below have been inspired by what we’ve learned from them, especially LightBox Collaborative, Opportunity Agenda, and others. You can contact us at to learn more about group or 1-on-1 trainings.

Learning Hub

Tipsheet: Building Digital Community

Tips for strengthening digital community engagement in a “post” Twitter world that you can incorporate into your existing digital strategy.

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Digital Profile Template

This reference and high-level strategy document will help you outline your digital communications goals, objectives, and audiences for each platform that you use and understand how each is performing.

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Tipsheet: Decolonizing Communications Capacity Building

Here are some of the guiding principles we’re following as our learning team moves away from “capacity building” and toward training and “strengths-building” where the learning goes both ways.

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Audience Profile

Who are the specific people or groups of people that you most need to reach and persuade to achieve your goal? The more you know about them, the more effectively you can reach them. Use this worksheet to define your key audiences, what they care about, and how to move them.

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Message Integration Checklist

Follow these tips to make sure that your core messages are infused across your organization’s or initiative’s communications – the more you do, the “stickier” your key ideas will become.

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Communications Strategy Worksheet

This worksheet will guide you through the process of creating an audience-centric plan to achieve your mission-critical, organizational and campaign goals.

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