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Photo by APU GOMES/AFP via Getty Images

Lateefah Simon, president of Akonadi Foundation,  BART Board member and co-chair of Governor Newsom’s police reform task force joined Scott Schaferand other guests on Forum to talk about how Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdicts are being interpreted by police officers, chiefs and unions and what this means for the movement to reform law enforcement. KQED

In 2017, less than 1% of the $67 billion that foundations granted went to organizations that specifically target minority women and girls, with less than $15 million was specified as benefiting Black women and girls. Eight Black women leaders in philanthropy and activism came together last year to launch the Black Girl Freedom Fund launched as a response to this disproportionate and widespread neglect. Their first campaign is 1Billion4BlackGirls, which calls for $1 billion in contributions earmarked for Black girls over the next decade. Associated Press

On Wednesday, April 14, residents of the Southern Towers apartments in Alexandria, Virginia came together with local elected officials and leadership from African Communities Together to describe the extreme evictions CIM Group, the building’s owner, is filing against residents. The illegal filings are the worst in the city and come as Amazon prepares to open a second headquarters close to the community, and disproportionately put Black and immigrant families at risk of displacement amidst the ongoing pandemic. ALX Now

Amaha Kassa, Founder and Executive Director of African Communities Together and Bert Bayou, Chapter Leader and Organizer with African Communities Together joined Lena Greenberg and Michél Legendre to talk about the #ACT4SouthernTowers campaign for Subvert, a podcast from Corporate Sustainability this week.