At Change Consulting, we work with nonprofits and foundations to widely disseminate their vision for racial and social justice. Beyond helping our partners develop messages that are accessible and understood by many, ensuring that their target audiences gain access to those messages is a challenge of its own.

For decades, traditional print and broadcast media were the vehicles by which audiences worldwide accessed news. In the digital age, people are more likely to get their news using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Today, news can swiftly go viral – rapidly reaching audiences on a global scale. Yet while the news travels fast, a select number of headlines still dominate the national news media landscape.

To ensure our clients are able to disseminate their message of racial and social justice in a chaotic, noisy, and competitive news cycle, we closely monitor national news trends to help generate opportunities for leveraging the media landscape. Keeping abreast of trending topics that major news outlets are reporting on, and connecting with key journalists, allows us to weigh in on national conversations as well as make sure that the voices and solutions of directly impacted people are front and center.

While we’re not clairvoyant, here is a list of the Top Ten News Headlines we anticipate will continue trending in the months ahead:

  1. Foreign policy
  2. 2024 elections, democracy, and government dysfunction
  3. Economy and inflation
  4. Housing and homelessness
  5. Climate crisis
  6. Labor union strikes and fair wages
  7. Gun violence and gun control
  8. Abortion and reproductive justice
  9. Immigration reform
  10. Travel and consumer trends

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