Client News:

Congratulations to Akonadi Foundation and Tao Rising for the launch of Creatives in Place, a digital listening project representing the voices of 22 Bay Area artists across geographies, artistic and cultural practices, ethnicities and races, and gender identities and sexualities. Through these stories, viewers get to see first hand the artists’ process, personal sacrifice and journeys, and how they serve as connectors within and between communities. We encourage you to visit, and immerse yourself in the colorful bloom of our region’s dances, murals, music, posters, paintings, and poetry.

“When we trust our grantees and trust organizers on the ground and people who are directly impacted, magic happens, and we make the impossible possible.” Shane Murphy Goldsmith, Liberty Hill Foundation President and CEO and Backbone Team Member of the California Funders for Boys and Men of Color recently joined fellow members, grantee partners and community leaders to describe the unique approach the network has taken to improve opportunities for boys, men and gender expansive young people of color for Inside Philanthropy


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This important reminder from Alicia Garza in Marie Claire that, while we are grateful for the room to relax a bit, and breathe a little more deeply after January 20, we cannot allow ourselves to fall into complacency about the urgent work that must be done to dismantle white supremacy and white nationalism, and to ensure that our communities remain civically engaged.