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This week, Groundswell Fund launched 2020-2025 Blueprints, bold plans designed with grassroots movement leaders to move $100 million to intersectional organizing led by women of color and transgender and gender nonconforming people of color. Learn more:

The Black Organizing Project this week launched a digital week of action ahead of an important vote by the Oakland School Board on December 9, a follow up to the George Floyd Resolution for Police Free Schools, which the Board unanimously passed in June. Next week, the Board will vote to pass a Reasonable Compliance Safety Plan that BOP worked closely with Black students, their parents, families and community members, BOP members, School District administrators and Board members to reimagine what safety looks like for Black students in Oakland. Follow along and lend your voice to this important movement to end the criminalization of young people of color on social media. On Twitter @BlackOrgProject, on IG @blackorganizingproject. 

“This year, we set out to disrupt this paradigm by organizing progressive donors to back grassroots efforts to get out the vote and win the election. The result: progressive candidates won big against an entrenched political establishment.” By Tim Molina, senior political strategist for California Donor Table, and  Tina McKinnor, director of civic engagement at LA Voice Action, on how two critical races in Los Angeles County offer an important lesson on what it takes for communities of color to win elections.  

“I feel it in my soul and my stomach.” The COVID-19 outbreaks in prisons and jails have ripple effects well beyond the people incarcerated in California. Shondra Caldwell, mother of two teenage daughters and Essie Justice member, whose husband is incarcerated and contracted COVID-19 at Corcoran State Prison, recently spoke with the Los Angeles Times about the impact his diagnosis has had on her and her family.



Nesima Aberra, Sr. Communications Manager, Digital Communications shared tips and tricks for Giving Tuesday, and what nonprofit organizations can do to take advantage of the event and take a radical approach that uplifts your social justice cause and stays true to your values. Bookmark the post for next Giving Tuesday!