Supporting CA to lead the way on #Food4All

Immigrants are an essential part of our country and our home state of California, where half of the state’s kids are children of immigrants. Despite their vital contributions, immigrants have historically and explicitly been excluded from accessing essential services such as food, healthcare, and education. #Food4All is the first campaign of its kind to address the longstanding discrimination in our state’s nutrition safety net. Led by Nourish California and California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC), alongside a strong coalition of community organizations across the state, the campaign seeks to provide essential food assistance to any immigrant ineligible for federal CalFresh due solely to their immigration status. Change Consulting is proud to have partnered with Nourish California to support the #Food4All campaign through a story-centric approach over nearly two years, and supporting the coalition’s efforts to drum up support for the bill through ongoing earned and social media outreach. Read our latest blog post at


Client News:

On Monday, Oakland Unified School District students had a first day of school unlike any other. In addition to returning to school in person after so many months of online learning, they also returned to police-free campuses. This is thanks in large part to the advocacy of the Black Organizing Project who introduced and advocated for the passage of the George Floyd Resolution to Eliminate the Oakland Schools Police Department last year. BOP is currently leading the district, along with their members and community partners, in an implementation process to build a safety plan that is authentic to the spirit of the George Floyd Resolution and centers true student safety in any practical or policy change to keep police off of school campuses and away from Black and Brown students who are disproportionately impacted by their presence. KQED.

“There was a lot of analysis in 2020 that campaigning against Trump is not sufficient. You need to vote for something.” California Donor Table Executive Director Ludovic Blain on how, with the anti-recall campaign for California Governor coming up next month, Democrats need to look beyond Trump to convince voters to turn in their mail-in ballots. San Francisco Chronicle.

The latest report from the Young Women’s Freedom Center’s Freedom Research Institute shows how many young people who get caught up in the criminal justice system are trying to meet basic needs. Jocelyn Mati and Alexsa Ramirez, youth leaders who supported Young Women’s Freedom Center on compiling the research for Through Their Eyes, recently spoke with Teen Vogue about how they and their peers were too often ensnared in the juvenile delinquency system for survival crimes.

#DeliverBirthJustice campaign in The Sacramento Observer, highlighting the campaign’s work to tackle the underlying racism that is leading to higher Black maternal and infant mortality rates. Read more about this Bay Area-wide movement to mobilize policymakers, health professionals and community members to find solutions for true health equity.