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Client News

Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price — the only Black person, ever, elected to the job in the county’s 169-year history — announced a transition team of more than two dozen civil rights and police accountability experts, nonprofit leaders, pastors, and justice system reform activists who supported Price’s progressive platform but, crucially, are also ready to hold her accountable. Cynthia Nuñez, the decarceration campaign coordinator for Urban Peace Movement weighed in on this historic moment for Alameda County for the San Francisco Chronicle: “There’s an opportunity to end the criminalization of Black and brown people under District Attorney Price.”

Urban Peace Movement also heads the District Attorney Accountability Table, a coalition of community organizations dedicated to police reform and justice system equity. While members of Urban Peace Movement helped to mobilize voters to support Price, they are prepared to make sure that she is “working collaboratively with the community to hear what they want from the D.A.’s office.”

In 2021, The California Endowment made a commitment to prioritize health equity and racial justice through a $300M Social Bond to create a healthier California for all. A new video looks at how the social bond and The Endowment’s commitment will impact the social justice infrastructure throughout California and create lasting change for health and racial equity.

California’s 2024 senate race is going to be wild. Ludovic Blain weighed in on the candidacy of Reps. Barbara Lee and Katie Porter for the San Francisco Chronicle. According to Blain, who serves as Executive Director of the California Donor Table, both “have very strong stories of being women who have had to battle sexism and misogyny…that’s a great thing to have two viable women candidates running statewide.”

New Year, New Email Engagement Goals

With 92 percent of the digital U.S. population using email as a form of communication, e-blasts and e-newsletters have the potential to engage more audiences than social media platforms. Sr. Communications Director Nicole Carroll, who leads content strategy and development for the visionaries and changemakers we have the privilege to work with, shares five tips you can use to maximize email engagement with your core audiences in a new post for our blog.

What We’re Watching

Marc Philpart, Executive Director of the California Black Freedom Fund, joined The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Unity Committee in Fresno earlier this week for a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life, beginning his keynote with an important reminder: “Martin Luther King Jr. is commemorated today not because of his service but because of his sacrifice.”