“All people should be able to live free of violence. All people should be able to live safe and dignified lives.”

In her statement for her podcast, Lady Don’t Take No, Alicia Garza warns us of the urgent threat that the war in Palestine poses to democracy in the U.S. But she also reminds us we can build the political power we need to fight against white supremacy and fascism. We encourage you to watch Alicia Garza’s full statement on death and devastation in Gaza.

Many of our client partners in philanthropy came together to call for an immediate ceasefire, safe passage of humanitarian aid, and for the U.S. and European governments to stop enabling war crimes through unconditional military support. To read the full letter and, if you are an individual or organizational funder, sign on: visit https://funders4ceasefire.org/.


Client News

Black Futures Lab announced this week that the Black Census Project has reached a historic milestone: 200,000 responses received. The information collected will be used to identify priority issues for our communities, shape a Black agenda created for us, by us, and secure policy wins that will improve our lives. This is what Black political power looks like.

Philanthropy is rooted in and continues to operate within inequitable systems and structures. Addressing the inherent inequities in these systems is complicated for family philanthropy — to do so requires conversations about how their wealth was accumulated and how they benefited from advantages that those without wealth have not. Now serving as the final Executive Director of the Compton Foundation, June Wilson is a philanthropic leader in racial justice advocacy and alternative approaches to legacy and perpetuity. She recently spoke with the National Center for Family Philanthropy about establishing equitable philanthropy practices and examining what that means for a family’s sense of self and legacy.


Change Consulting Learning Hub

We are excited to share two new tools on the Change Consulting Learning Hub, a collection of resources to help you build and implement a communications strategy for your organization, both aimed at strengthening your digital and social media presence.

The Building Digital Community Tipsheet offers advice for strengthening your digital community engagement outside of X/Twitter that you can incorporate into your existing digital strategy.

Part reference and part high-level strategy document, the Digital Profile Template will help you outline your digital communications goals, objectives, and audiences for each platform that you use and understand how each is performing.