Change Consulting News

This week, we brought our team together IRL to celebrate a tremendous milestone: Change Consulting’s 15th Anniversary. We are so grateful to our friends, colleagues, partners, our families and our fellow team members for supporting and contributing to the beautiful community we have built over a decade and a half.

We also bid farewell to a member of the Change community. Over the last four years, Anna Ghosh contributed so much to Change Consulting and to our team. She helped define our values and brand framework and led countless successful client projects. She helped shape the strategy team and grow our coaching and skills-strengthening work to meet our partners’ needs and reflect the most up-to-date best practices in the racial justice ecosystem. We are so grateful for the time we spent together and wish her all the best for whatever comes next in her journey.


Client News

We are excited to announce the launch of PIVOT, a first-of-its-kind partnership between California’s leading organizers and funders. PIVOT partners will work together to strengthen our state’s power-building ecosystem, advance racial justice, and win lasting structural transformation in California. Learn more at

The AAPI Civic Engagement Fund announced the latest Creative Catalyst Fellowship recipients. AAPI CEF awarded $30,000 to five fellows who create art that centers one of three themes – Voting Together, Solidarity, and Belonging – in mediums that include short videos, music, poetry, and multimedia art, all intended to activate civic engagement in the 2024 general elections. Congratulations to the fellows! Learn more at AAPI Civic Engagement Fund’s website.


Change Learning Hub

The Change Consulting team shares tips, tricks, wisdom, and lessons learned from working with changemakers to advance racial justice.

The secret to getting a journalist interested in writing about your issue is a great pitch, a short teaser of a story that they could bring to life. At Change, we write and send a lot of pitches to place and shape stories to further the movement for racial justice. Sometimes our pitches don’t get traction, but more often than not, we find at least one reporter, editor, producer, or booker who wants to learn more about our clients, the work they are doing, and their stories. Kyung Jin Lee, Communications Director on our Earned Media Team, shares best practices for crafting winning pitches in a new post for the Change Consulting Blog.