Last week, Change Consulting CEO Bilen Mesfin Packwood led a session on strategic communications for organizations serving communities of color to help them navigate the current legal landscape, particularly in the wake of successful legal attacks on racial equity and civil rights victories. The training was part of the Legal Education, Advocacy, and Defense (LEAD) for Racial Justice Initiative led by the California Black Freedom Fund. It offered participating organizations strategic guidance to deepen their understanding of the law and build their capacity. To learn more about LEAD, visit

The debate continues about how to really keep our communities safe. Tinisch Hollins, Executive Director of Californians for Safety and Justice, spoke with NBC Los Angeles about how Prop 47 is working and redirecting prison savings into programs that get to underlying causes of crime, homelessness, and drug addiction. “California voters passed #Pro47 over 10 years ago. The notion that homelessness increased because low level offenses were charged differently begs a question: maybe we were over-relying on jails and prison for things like housing, mental health, and addiction.”

“The higher representation of our LGBTQIA+ nonprofit leaders in the arts/culture and public benefit sectors can be attributed to the historical embrace of diversity and progressive advocacy within these fields,” stated Groundswell Fund CEO Yamani Yansá Hernandez. She shared her thoughts about the representation and visibility of LGBTQIA+ individuals among nonprofit staff and leadership in a new piece for Candid.

The California Grassroots Democracy Coalition has found an unlikely foe as they continue efforts to expand voter registration. Politico explains why the ACLU, League of Women Voters, and NALEO are at odds with grassroots advocacy groups over the California New Motor Voter Program (SB 299), a bill that would automatically register individuals to vote who are eligible when they submit documents to the DMV for a license or otherwise. Listen to this episode of Later, with Mo’Kelly to learn more about how SB 299 could help sign up the 4.7 million eligible Californians not yet registered.