Client News

“When you see that the federal government is expending a lot of resources on the global conflict, it clashes with our priorities and our values for what the resources we have here in the United States, in California, should be addressing.” This week, Saa’un Bell, Associate Director of Power California, joined Scott Shafer on KQED’s Political Breakdown to talk about priority issues for young people of color in California ahead of the presidential and down ballot elections.

And, in Fresno, the California High-Speed Rail Authority promises to bring economic prosperity back to the city’s Chinatown by building one of the first stations along the line in the neighborhood. With revitalization efforts come concerns about gentrification and skyrocketing rents. Although the city has plans to build housing units near the station, advocates argue that a rent cap and more tenant protections are essential to ensuring that new development doesn’t price longtime residents and business owners out. Marisa Moraza, Political Director of Power California, weighed in on the development for KQED: “We want to continue to see the city of Fresno grow… however, we want to ensure that we are not increasing displacement in downtown and in southwest Fresno as well.”

The California Endowment’s historic $300 million Social Bond supports grassroots organizers, activists, and advocates to build power and champion movements to reimagine health equity and racial justice for all people in California. Learn more about the Endowment’s investment in the “good troublemakers” transforming the health systems in California, centered on community-rooted public health, towards a system of prevention and well-being in this feature for the Chronicle of Philanthropy and in a new video.

On Monday, the Boston Women’s Fund hosted a symposium on the future of reproductive justice, featuring a timely discussion on recent legal and legislative attacks on abortion. The event also kicked off the foundation’s 40th anniversary of philanthropic work. Natanja Craig Oquendo, Boston Women’s Fund’s Executive Director, connected the current moment to the Fund’s mission and values: “We’re strategizing, organizing and raising critical funds to fight back against the unprecedented attacks on our reproductive freedoms while uplifting the voices of Black leaders, who are the most impacted and have proven to be at the forefront of community-centered solutions.”

Congratulations to our fave Diana Hwang, Founder and Executive Director of Asian American Women’s Political Initiative, for being included in Boston Magazine’s list of the most influential Bostonians! According to Boston Magazine, when Diana “turned to empowering, training, and funding Asian-American women in politics, she filled a national niche and became a powerhouse.”

Updates from Our Team

Change Consulting Founder and CEO BIlen Mesfin Packwood knows what it’s like to blaze a trail without a compass, and how impactful it can be to witness others leading by example. This week, Bilen was featured on Leading Visibly from Dreamers and Doers, reflecting on service leadership and what it means to lead with integrity, courage, and inclusiveness.

Bilen also penned the first part in our blog series on the power of storytelling from Change’s strategy team. The new piece discusses the fascinating brain science that explains why stories matter and how they shape our emotions. Read part I, as well as more on what’s coming up in the series, on our blog.