Congratulations to the organizers and deepest gratitude for the participants in this year’s #BlackGirlFreedomWeek! We are more motivated than ever to achieve our shared vision for a future where Black girls, femmes, and gender expansive youth are safe, free, and thriving. Visit for more information about the #1BillionforBlackGirls campaign and videos from the week’s events.

Alicia Garza, founder and principal of Black Futures Lab and Black to the Future Action Fund, recently joined The Hill’s Cheyanne Daniels for the annual Race & Justice Imperative event on Wednesday. They talked about the complications of “Black History Month” and the importance of celebrating the path forward with “Black Futures Month,” how the Black Census Project is helping set a Black political agenda, and using it to hold elected officials accountable to championing new and progressive policies that reflect Black communities’ priorities. Watch Alicia’s conversation with Cheyanne on Twitter and read more at The Hill.


What We’re Watching

Lead Subject and Producer Kareem Weaver, Executive Producer LeVar Burton, and Director Jenny Mackenzie

In celebration of National Reading Month, The Right to Read will be available to all audiences for free online for one week. This documentary shares the story of Kareem Weaver, NAACP activist, teacher, and founder of our client partner FULCRUM, as well as a teacher and two American families who fight to provide our youngest generation with the most foundational indicator of life-long success: the ability to read. Sign up here for a viewing link that will be available beginning March 2.



Last week, one of our own, Dina Sigal, attended the frank conference in Gainesville, Florida. Bringing together researchers, practitioners, advocates, and storytellers, this year’s event was full of conversations about the power and possibility of communications and all the ways it can stem beyond words to make the world that we seek a reality. frank is a space that reminds us about the value of every story, the importance of combining data, research, and storytelling to impact policies, and living the values of the world we want to see, today. Watch frank’s closing video for more on this year’s event.