As the Operations and Communications Coordinator for Change Consulting, LLC, Dulce López is eager to utilize her skills to advocate for social justice. Dulce graduated from UC Berkeley with a Media Studies major and a Practice of Art minor focusing on politics and culture.

Previously, Dulce worked as the Marketing and Communications Assistant at the Haas School of Business. Her path in socially-driven organizations began after Mexico’s Ayotzinapa case in 2014 when Dulce co-funded and managed Communications for a binational organization that worked towards justice in Latin America. She also served on the Marketing and PR team for the artivist collective, Art For Social Change, the MCCLA, and the center for culture and alternative education, FARO de Oriente in México City.

The systematic inequality that Dulce experienced as an immigrant from rural México, motivates her to learn, respect and make visible the voices of underrepresented communities in order to create a world that fits many worlds.